Released December 10, 2016

The VUL  VA EP for 2016 has a lot of variety on the list to only include 5 tracks. VUL  VA  has new tracks from the 2106 year, along with some re recorded hits like JONNY LAW and DAS BOOT. Songs that you have probably heard if you have ever been to a BTD show.  The VUL  VA EP also has some unique time with the band at the BTD haven while recording the EP. The personality of BTD will definitely shine, show and probably give you a good laugh.  VUL  VA also offers a track called family and friends where Louise Rocca of THOUSAND POUND PIG brings the pain!  Great music and personality are both wrapped into the VUL  VA EP for 2016!

Featured tracks include:


  1. Dance Dance Revolution 02:06
  2. Family and Friends 05:42
  3. Johnny Law 03:06
  4. Das Boot 04:29
  5. Eastwood's Inn 03:16
  6. Hidden Track 09:30


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EP 2015

Released October 3, 2015

Raw and from the heart, Bless the Dead's 2015 EP brings heavy metal back to the forefront by the way of bluesy, thrash, and a twist of southern twang.  With gut wrenching vocals from lead singer Shaun Hodges, accompanied by riffs that will stick in your head for days on end, Bless the Dead is taking the industry by storm. Bless the Dead are the people's metal band. Just a bunch of down to earth guys who like to hang with the crowd.

These Atlanta Georgia natives are bringing the heat with 5 songs in there latest EP.  This EP will make you wanna grow your beard out, pop open a can of beer, and party!

There is no filler on this album. Every song is a hit, and you will not have just 1 favorite. That being said, look out for songs such as "GHOST" or "BOB BARKER" to name a few.

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Bless the Dead


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Bless the dead was established in April of 2013.  5 guys from Georgia from different well recongnized local Atlanta completes the project to date.  The band, (Noah Welborn, Allen White, Jon Gray, Mike Christian, Keith Graham) have created a mix of Metal, thrash, punk, sound with a Southern groove all coming from the south. BTD debuted live...  Read on.